Black Suction Face Mask

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Black Suction Face Mask

This LRP Beauty secret is used as a Facial Treatment Mask, deep cleaning and a Blackhead Remover. The suction magic black mask is also known as the ‘The Magic Black Mask’ works just like magic.

How to use:

·       Wash face clean and path dry.

·       Apply Black mask preferably with Mask Brush.

·       Avoid sensitive areas like under eyes and hair areas.

·       Use for at least 30mins, can stay up to an hour.

·       Peel off slowly after mask tightens skin and dries up.


Benefits of product:

·       Oil Control.

·       Acne treatment.

·       Removes dead skin and black heads.


  • Do not use this product over open cuts, rashes, skin disorders, over sensitive skin or sunburned skin.

  • Discontinue if you find discomfort or allergies.


Features of product

  • Ingredients: Witch hazel plant extracts, glycerol, water


  • NET WT: 60g

  • Gender: Unisex

  • Formulation: Mud

Package List

  • 1 X Black Face Mask


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